60 Second Salad Maker Bowl

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60 Second Salad Maker Bowl

This gadget is the ultimate solution to the classic time consuming way of making salads! Slice all your veggies together in the bowl and have a salad prepared in a matter of seconds using the devices unique cutting technique. Keeping all your ingredients compact this quick salad maker produces zero mess and is simple to clean. It evenly and cleanly cuts any fruit or veggies inside (as long as you use a sharp knife!). Make healthy eating efficient & save your time. Get yours today with 50% off!


Step By Step Guide:

1. Add your veggies or fruit and rinse them in the bowl.

2. Put the cover over the strainer bowl and use a knife to slice through the holes.

3. Rotate the bowl 90 degrees then proceed to cut through the holes again. (TIP: If you want to cut smaller pieces simply rotate the bowl as desired and cut again).

4. Remove the cover and empty your salad for serving!


  • Not Available In Stores
  • Material: Eco-Friendly Plastic
  • Durable & long lasting 
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Size: 8.2" * 7.6" * 9.84.3"



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